We are your partners in software development. We can either fully oversee the entire development or supplement your capabilities with experienced specialists.

Who we work with

Our expertise

Tailor-Made Products

We build your product on the latest technologies native to the cloud. We provide you with the functional design, we come up with the architecture and implement development and testing.

Capacities Supply

We will complement your team with experienced senior programmers, reliable middle developers and talented juniors. The greatest value for the customer has always been our coordinated teams of more programmers.

Solution Consultations

We will deeply analyze your service or product and think of ways to increase the efficiency of the development team. The right size of a team can deliver faster and save you money at the end of the day.

Technology innovations

In the world of enterprise engineering innovation is a continuous process, not a one time event. We are ready to help you with right technology stack and to establish a continuous innovation process inside your company.



#java #kotlin #springboot #docker #openshift #azure #serverless #mapr

“We have implemented the development of an ETL data platform for Škoda Auto, built on a microservices architecture, Kotlin, Spring Boot framework, and MongoDB database.”


#java #reactor #reactive #springboot #cloud #jersey #microservices

“We assisted the multinational corporation Citrix with development capacity for their cloud solution aimed at simplifying complex corporate IT services.
The main advantage of the project was the utilization of reactive programming technology.”


#flutter #aws #mobileapp #iphone #android

Self-CEO is a personal planning tool that allows you to efficiently manage your tasks, set goals, track events, and even your habits, all in one place.

We handle the entire application development process end-to-end, from the initial concept, design, and development to the setup of analytical tools and marketing activities.

For development, we used the Flutter framework, which enables us to generate code that is fully compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems. This approach significantly saved us time and financial resources, as there was no need to develop separate versions of the application for each platform.

Learn more about Self-CEO on the Self-SEO website.


#java #springboot #aws #react.js #mongodb

Tepsivo, a startup, is dedicated to digitizing processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

We have been working with Tepsivo since its inception, jointly developing products that automate Pharmacovigilance processes.

For development, we use Java, SpringBoot, and MongoDB on the backend, and React for the frontend part of the application.

Learn more about Tepsivo on their website at tepsivo.com.

CK Fischer

#java #hibernate #springboot #docker #mssql #microservices #elasticsearch

We managed and technologically developed business-critical solutions for the largest Czech travel agency, focusing on travel package search and sales.


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